Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Easter = Chocolate Overload

I really meant well. I didn't want to buy a lot of chocolate for Lu on Easter... and well that lasted for all of 2 minutes by the time I entered a certain box store and was overwhelmed by loads of brightly coloured foil, expertly packaged cream eggs and oh so sweet, oh so delicious Lindor Easter egg parcels.

What was I to do? I grabbed as many goodies as my arms could hold and dashed to the check out before my PMS-laden psyche overruled whatever sense of responsible snacking I could justify for a few small, measly even, chocolate treats. Indulgently I scarfed down a silky smooth Cadbury caramel egg before reaching the car. I, of course, was able to justify that indulgence because we had gone skiing on Saturday. Ok... a bit of a stretch... but it is all I could think of while dashing to the car in the hopes no one would see me or recognize me inhaling a large, chocolate and sickly sweet caramel-injected confection. It was all done before I reached the car; not one amber coloured morsel left on my fingers to savour, not a speck of sinfully sweet chocolate to melt on my tongue - all I had to show for it was a fistful of foil and a guilty conscience.

But the good thing is ... I didn't buy ALL chocolate goodies.... I did make it to a Craft store and purchased a few small items for Lu. And I did all this because I love the thrill of a good scavenger hunt. I have already mapped out, in my mind, where the Easter Bunny is hiding the goodies on the property. I have the Easter Bunny hiding items inside the barn, under a few trees, at the entrance to the forest, beside our wood pile, up a few trees close to the house and perhaps a few other spots I haven't thought of yet. So in the end it will all work out. And most importantly, I will monitor what and when and how much of the sugar Lu will ingest at one sitting. I also have some great craft ideas to finish both before and during this weekend festivity.

Happy Easter!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Skiing in Vermont

We're back... we're sore... we're exhausted but most importantly we are very happy. We all achieved our own personal bests on the hill at Smuggler's Notch -- a really wonderful and family friendly resort... so much to do in too little time.

We tried to take advantage of all the offerings as best we could: ski lessons for The Husband and I... ski camp every day for Lu... Funzone, swimming, snowshoeing, Top of the Notch candlelight dinner, snow-tubing, restaurants.. but I really should have had a massage... next time for sure.

Lu learned so much and we are oh so proud of her. She rocked the Cookie race and got to meet (and hug) her hero Mogul Mouse.

Definitely going back next year.

Lots of work to catch up on... and lots of memories to cherish.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Now that the Olympics are over.. I feel like I am experiencing a bit of withdrawal... no more yelling at the TV during close races... no more inspiration from the wonderful, talented and humble athletes, no more excitement and Patriot pride... and no more access to really great programming on tv!

It's back to the same old, same old. I love watching the Olympics.. any Olympics.. summer or winter... whatever is on. And it was nice too, this year we could watch with Lu... she was really getting into hockey and speed skating, but of course her favourite was watching the "princesses" dance on the ice, or watching the speed demons on the downhill races. It was all so thrilling and magical.

And heck.. you never know.. maybe years from now we will be watching our own daughter excelling at an Olympic game at whatever sport she chooses to pursue... you just never know.

And of course I just assume she will be a great athlete. We spend a lot of time outdoors - playing, walking, riding our bikes, playing games, gardening, shoveling the walk, throwing the frisbee for the dog, hiking, swimming, sailing and skiing... but whatever we do... it is outdoor. I think this is so important not only for Lu's overall development but to also impart a love of sport, activity, healthy lifestyle and love for the great outdoors in her growing mind. This is so very important to us as individuals and as a family.

Recently, I read an article about how to keep our kids active and healthy at the peak of an obesity epidemic in children throughout the western world. The article stated three simple things to do with your kids which will help keep them active and fit: prepare your meals at home from scratch; get outdoors and active with your kids and be sure to eat most meals together as a family.

This really puzzled me... what are people doing? To me, those three simple things were a no-brainer.. we already eat every meal together at the table, we already prepare 98% of our meals from scratch and we already pursue a healthy and active lifestyle. Is it really difficult for the average family to follow these three simple suggestions?

With a little planning and foresight... these three things are very easy to accomplish and ... well, SHOULD be accomplished. I can't understand why someone would allow their child to get fat.. to get lazy and to have such unhealthy and unrealistic expectations. Apparently it is more common than we all know - considering all the overweight kids I see, daily, at the grocery store, in Lu's dance class, waiting at the bus stop, going to the movies with friends...and the list goes on and on.