Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Winter has arrived with plummeting temperatures, wind, ice and a dusting of snow. But this is all good when you love winter activities.

Skiing rules our household: I love cross country skiing -- the serenity and empowerment of gliding across powder fresh snow, experiencing a quiet calm and being alone with my thoughts (all the while getting a great work out) has always inspired me to get out for a ski even when the wind is gusting across our back field with reckless abandon!

The husband and Lu prefer downhill skiing -- so this past weekend we headed out for the first ski of the season. The sun was out and the hill wasn't overly crowded and, most importantly, I had packed an amazing lunch. We got a couple of runs in before 'hot chocolate' time.. but poor Lu wiped out just as we were heading into the chalet to warm up by the fire. Luckily she just dusted herself off and didn't think much of her fall.. better luck next time!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Countdown to Christmas

Ok... aside from the stray kitten who showed up at our door a week and a half ago... life has been pretty busy with christmas preparations, parties and other mundane stuff (work, housework, etc.)... but this month seems to be flying by and I am not ready for the big day!!!

It almost seems like December 25th is going to be here any minute and I just don't feel quite ready yet!!
We put up the tree this past weekend and Lu did a great job of helping me put up the decorations; the tree looks pretty good if I dare say so! I have most of the indoor decorations done and am almost finished with outdoor swag and lighting. And best of all... we had our first snowfall of the season... and it was the perfect kind of snowfall.. nice big, fat flakes floating gently coating trees, the road, our lawn, gardens and cars with a good amount of fluffy whiteness. The weather is still fairly mild so you can get out and enjoy the snow and revel in its purity and confirmation that the seasons have indeed change.

Shopping is almost complete; except for a few odds and ends... did most of my shopping online at LLBean and MEC (free shipping from both - -yeah!)

Christmas party invitations have been arriving fast and furious. We have already attended a number, with many more to come... specifically the Northumberland Women's Business Network (www.northumberlandwbn.com) Christmas Gala, which takes place tomorrow evening... am really looking forward to it!

But for now.. it is back to work... and the kitten is crawling all over me... and Lu is calling me from her bedroom because she forgot her favourite blankie.... and the husband has forgotten that it is his turn to clean the litter box... so I better gently remind him!