Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Easter = Chocolate Overload

I really meant well. I didn't want to buy a lot of chocolate for Lu on Easter... and well that lasted for all of 2 minutes by the time I entered a certain box store and was overwhelmed by loads of brightly coloured foil, expertly packaged cream eggs and oh so sweet, oh so delicious Lindor Easter egg parcels.

What was I to do? I grabbed as many goodies as my arms could hold and dashed to the check out before my PMS-laden psyche overruled whatever sense of responsible snacking I could justify for a few small, measly even, chocolate treats. Indulgently I scarfed down a silky smooth Cadbury caramel egg before reaching the car. I, of course, was able to justify that indulgence because we had gone skiing on Saturday. Ok... a bit of a stretch... but it is all I could think of while dashing to the car in the hopes no one would see me or recognize me inhaling a large, chocolate and sickly sweet caramel-injected confection. It was all done before I reached the car; not one amber coloured morsel left on my fingers to savour, not a speck of sinfully sweet chocolate to melt on my tongue - all I had to show for it was a fistful of foil and a guilty conscience.

But the good thing is ... I didn't buy ALL chocolate goodies.... I did make it to a Craft store and purchased a few small items for Lu. And I did all this because I love the thrill of a good scavenger hunt. I have already mapped out, in my mind, where the Easter Bunny is hiding the goodies on the property. I have the Easter Bunny hiding items inside the barn, under a few trees, at the entrance to the forest, beside our wood pile, up a few trees close to the house and perhaps a few other spots I haven't thought of yet. So in the end it will all work out. And most importantly, I will monitor what and when and how much of the sugar Lu will ingest at one sitting. I also have some great craft ideas to finish both before and during this weekend festivity.

Happy Easter!

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