Monday, June 29, 2009

some random thoughts!

  • We have been so lucky with wildlife sightings of late.... we have a regular appearance from a wild turkey family and her cute, cute little chicks. We wake up in the morning and look over the headboard of the bed, out the window and into the back field... and there they are. Lu thinks it is hilarious!
  • Speaking of wildlife, we also have a Robin family nesting on the front porch. I can watch the nest directly from the kitchen... so wonderful!
  • Lu and I were out the other day to pick some flowers for our house. The wildflowers are so amazing and diverse.. what a beautiful bouquet we were able to put together!
  • I should be outside cutting the lawn... but I should also be inside catching up on work.. and here I am writing random thoughts on my blog!
  • Our porch has been the best place to find refuge from the heat wave last week. It has been so humid and scorchingly hot... but nothing beats a popsicle on the porch -- there is a lovely breeze that blows across the porch and keeps the bugs away and our body temps down -- lovely!
  • Most important Random Thought -- Happy Canada Day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am trying to find enough information and courage to go ahead with my "mom wear" clothing line. I have been researching this and obsessing over this idea for about 6 months now. I feel that if I don't move on it by now.... it will forever be lost.

Perhaps that is why I am writing this down. Once it is on "paper" and out in the open.. I can't really back down, can I?

So basically as far as I can see how this will begin: I need to get some ideas/sketches down on paper and do some further market research; I need to write a business plan, decide on a name and marketing strategy; I also need to find a supplier.. or maybe even a seamstress -- this is the part I am struggling with.... do I find someone to create my clothing template as examples.. or do I utilize a clothing manufacturer who can deliver the product in less time?

So many questions. And I wish I knew someone I could go to for answers?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Still Sick and I'm sick of all the sickness!

So dear, poor Lu's sweaty little head is resting on my pillow, snuggled under the deep, down duvet, resting her sick little body. Her nap has lasted over 3 hours... poor kid is definitely not getting better. This is week two of the dreaded cold... and I am only on week 1! I do not see an end to this anytime soon?

Where do our little ones pick up colds and viruses? Ok.. obvious question... but is it the parents who send their kids to school no matter how ill.... and these kids then spread disease and pestilence on to other unsuspecting kids and their parents? Why does this happen? Does it need to happen? I suppose since the beginning of daycare and preschool... sick kids have been sent to infect others -- kind of like a modern day small pox on the Hudson Bay blanket kind of scenario!

Some say these colds will make them stronger, will build their immune systems. Well, screw that old wives tale... because I feel like crap and I know my poor boogery-nose filled, coughing all night daughter does not feel that great either. And who gets sick in June anyway?

Ok... I hear sick child stirring in the other room... must run... probably will have to change the sheets from her sweaty little body!
I am going to OD on Vitamin C in the hopes of getting over this cold as soon as possible. Maybe then I'll have the energy to hunt down the parents who sent their delightful and oh-so-ill child to Lu's preschool, draped in his/her small pox ridden Hudson Bay blanket to spread this disease to the unsuspecting.... the young.... and the working mom who is now even further behind in work.....

Friday, June 12, 2009

Why am I sick AGAIN???

I figured by June, that the cold and flu season would be gone... but I guess I was wrong! Lulu has been sick for a week... coughing, sore throat, the usual culprits! But a week has passed... and I was taking ColdFx and Echinacea......but to no avail... I am sick.. oh so sick.. I wish I could just remove my head!

Luckily Lu is well enough to get back to preschool and I ended up back in bed mid morning.... but ohhh I am so achy and lethargic. I feel like our cat. And of course, he was snuggled up with me as I took to my sick bed, which makes it REALLY difficult to get out of bed and do some work before I have to go for pick up at preschool... 

I guess I will go and raid the medicine cabinet and take as much stuff as I can legally muster! Maybe this is the worst day.... and I will feel better by tomorrow? Could that be possible? Only time will tell.

I guess I shall get back to work... maybe will make myself some tea with honey. I wonder if preschool will worry when I pick up Lu in my pajamas?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Birthday Party!

Yeah, Lu has turned three!!!! Albeit with a runny nose, all night cough and a low grade fever!!! What fun! So we didn't have much choice except to stay home and cuddle up to read books and take it easy! Poor kid - luckily she didn't really get that it was her birthday... but it was sad... I felt like we had cheated her out of a party!

And she is still sick... And my father in law is here for a visit. And I have been tending sick child so am behind in work... and some idiot smashed the back door of my car and dear husband doesn't want to spend the money to get it fixed... as we need to get some things repaired on the boat first.. and our house needs a new roof. Man.. life sucks sometimes!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

a birthday

We took lulu to a birthday party this weekend... our neighbour's granddaughter was visiting and we all helped celebrate her 2nd birthday!

There was lu in all her glory, running across the back field, with the other kids in pursuit... it was too much fun. Daddy also took some of the kids for a ride on the neighbour's souped up lawn tractor and trailer. Then the rain came and we all ran inside for cupcakes and balloons. 

It was such a nice and innocent birthday party... no party planners and entertainers and expensive loot bags. Just a group of kids having fun because they were out in the open, under a blue sky with endless acreage to run around.

I have never been a big fan of elaborate birthday parties, especially for adults... it just seems so egotistical and self-serving! And I never got the concept of outdoing each other on the kiddie birthday party front -- that just seems downright exploitive!   I remember all the fun we had as kids, going to a friend's birthday party and having innocent, and inexpensive fun. What has happened that has made parents go mad with the party planning -- are they making up for some short coming as parents? Whatever it is.. it has gotten out of control.

That is why we have chosen to take lu to the zoo on her 3rd birthday -- coming soon. Just a few close relatives, and a picnic lunch... and that is it. The fun will be in the form of spending the day with grandma and grandpa and mom and dad. I have a few small gifts, but nothing lavish and it certainly is not because I love my daughter any less, it is just that I have nothing to prove and I want to instill a sense of simplicity in my daughter to hopefully help her cope in this madding world!