Monday, June 21, 2010


Despite the call for thunderstorms and loads of rain, this weekend turned out to be quite lovely -- stinking hot... but lovely!

We headed to Falcon... our sailboat on Friday night for a lovely dinner onboard with a walk to the ice cream store after. We had a quick trip to the Farmer's market for Lu's favourite home made doughnuts on Saturday morning and a play at the playground. Back to the boat to watch the unsettled sky and decide whether it was safe to head out for a sail.

Sunday was Father's Day! After presents and a quick breakfast onboard.. .we took Lu and a friend to the beach to make sand castles, play tag and frolic in the slightly bone-chilling water. We made it back to Falcon by 10:30 -- just in time to tidy up before grandpa arrived... and out we set for a picture-perfect sail on Sunday. What a great way to spend Father's Day!

Grandpa arrived in his blue TR-7, but found the slow drive over was hot, sticky and a bit uncomfortable. So as much fun as convertibles look... I prefer my air conditioning.. esp. after a day like Sunday!

The lake was choppy and the wind was strong... so we were buffeted about ... but Lu is quickly learning her sea legs and she quite enjoyed the heel of the boat, the chop of the waves and the fast pace of a usually leisurely sail. I believe the best Father's Day present for the husband was the look of joy and confidence on Lu's face as we navigated the rough and slightly unpredictable lake.

Monday, June 7, 2010

She's Four!

Lu just turned four! I can barely believe it. They say time goes by so quickly when you have children. This statement is so true - you witness each day as your child grows and learns and matures and changes right before your eyes. It is truly amazing.

And four is an incredible age. This is the age when your child first starts to act more like a 'person' and not so much like the whiny, challenging, tantrum-y, tired, cranky, baffling toddler you're used to. For some reason when they hit the age of four they kind of turn into these mini comedians. They can be so funny that they leave you slapping your knees in wonder and awe and you ponder where they heck they came up with that. These amazing little life observers. So wise at this young age. And so cuddly. And so, well, agreeable. They just start to become a little more agreeable each day... and sometimes it's a shock as you brace yourself for the usual foot stomping rebellion only to be met by an angelic "ok mommy." And you think to yourself.. yeah.. ok mommy.. it IS ok!

Four. She is four. I struggled in the past with being a new mom. I struggled with finding me. I struggled re-establishing my business. I did it, though. I persevered, I faltered....often. But because of you I picked myself up more times than I wish to count and dusted myself off and started again. I cried. I was frustrated. And in the end I knew it would be ok... it would be ok mommy.

Here we are. You are four and wonderful and beautiful and smart and amazing and I have found myself again, just slightly ragged around the edges but I'm back.

Happy Birthday Lu! You have made me a stronger person.