Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Winter has arrived with plummeting temperatures, wind, ice and a dusting of snow. But this is all good when you love winter activities.

Skiing rules our household: I love cross country skiing -- the serenity and empowerment of gliding across powder fresh snow, experiencing a quiet calm and being alone with my thoughts (all the while getting a great work out) has always inspired me to get out for a ski even when the wind is gusting across our back field with reckless abandon!

The husband and Lu prefer downhill skiing -- so this past weekend we headed out for the first ski of the season. The sun was out and the hill wasn't overly crowded and, most importantly, I had packed an amazing lunch. We got a couple of runs in before 'hot chocolate' time.. but poor Lu wiped out just as we were heading into the chalet to warm up by the fire. Luckily she just dusted herself off and didn't think much of her fall.. better luck next time!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Countdown to Christmas

Ok... aside from the stray kitten who showed up at our door a week and a half ago... life has been pretty busy with christmas preparations, parties and other mundane stuff (work, housework, etc.)... but this month seems to be flying by and I am not ready for the big day!!!

It almost seems like December 25th is going to be here any minute and I just don't feel quite ready yet!!
We put up the tree this past weekend and Lu did a great job of helping me put up the decorations; the tree looks pretty good if I dare say so! I have most of the indoor decorations done and am almost finished with outdoor swag and lighting. And best of all... we had our first snowfall of the season... and it was the perfect kind of snowfall.. nice big, fat flakes floating gently coating trees, the road, our lawn, gardens and cars with a good amount of fluffy whiteness. The weather is still fairly mild so you can get out and enjoy the snow and revel in its purity and confirmation that the seasons have indeed change.

Shopping is almost complete; except for a few odds and ends... did most of my shopping online at LLBean and MEC (free shipping from both - -yeah!)

Christmas party invitations have been arriving fast and furious. We have already attended a number, with many more to come... specifically the Northumberland Women's Business Network (www.northumberlandwbn.com) Christmas Gala, which takes place tomorrow evening... am really looking forward to it!

But for now.. it is back to work... and the kitten is crawling all over me... and Lu is calling me from her bedroom because she forgot her favourite blankie.... and the husband has forgotten that it is his turn to clean the litter box... so I better gently remind him!

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Pursuit of a Good School

One of the downsides of living in the country is that you don't have access to all the great schools. Well.. we do.. we just have to drive and drive and drive. We are doing that right now though with Lu's preschool... she goes into town with daddy 3 x a week for preschool.. and I am on stand by to pick up/drop off when the husband isn't available. So far it has worked out pretty well.

But Lu starts Junior Kindergarten September 2010. I know.. wow... where has the time gone? But we are on a mad dash to get her into a school we feel will be best for her. Our local country school will do in a pinch... but not sure if we are 100% happy with Lu attending; mainly due to the potential school mates she would have -- not of the best gene selection! (I know that is awful, but is sometimes true when living in the country!). Now mind you, our local school is undergoing a new build. So starting in September 2010 there will be a brand new school -- which potentially means new opportunities, new teachers, new enthusiasm. But we aren't quite sure yet, although is still an honest back up.

What we would prefer is for Lu to either go to the school where she is presently attending preschool.. or to the only French Immersion school in the area. Again... we would be committed to a lot of driving...but considering this is Lu's education I guess it is a small sacrifice to make!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Perfect Fall Day

It is already the second week of November and the weather is still incredible; warm, sunny and beautiful!
I wish it could just stay this way... but alas... one of these days winter will arrive with all its cold, bitter, snowy attributes!

Today I took a little break from work -- I have been busy for months and haven't had much of a breather so I quite happily accomplished a little bit of filing this morning and then took to the out of doors. Chelsea and I went for a walk (Lu is at preschool today) and we cut down some dog wood for festive exterior decorating. I love the look of dog wood and cedar mixed together in outdoor urns -- just lovely! Next on the agenda - I actually washed some of the windows on the outside -- too many to complete in one day... but I was able to clean off some summer grime on a number of windows... finally.

I will be leaving shortly to pick up Lu from school... then we are heading right to the gym. I am trying to stay on track with my fitness plan and unfortunately that means that this week poor Lu gets dragged to the gym with me. But she does enjoy going. There are lots of crafts to do in the play centre, so I know she has a good time. I just feel badly taking her in the evening because lately she has been coming home from preschool so exhausted. But I figure if we get there early... we can get home early. That is my plan at least.

Tomorrow Lu and I will attend a local Remembrance Day ceremony. I never miss a ceremony... I think it is too important to miss - lest we forget.

Monday, October 19, 2009

We MISS you Dear Angus

My beloved Angus. I miss him terribly. We were together for 15 years and were inseparable.

I knew the day would come. I knew it would be brutally hard; and truth be told... it is still brutally hard one year later.

We miss you Little Buddy. I miss your soft, silky fur and your expressive eyes. I miss how you loved to chase squirrels, frisbees, sticks, ducks and wheelbarrow wheels. I miss your slightly intense nature but loved the fact that in your eyes -- I was the best and only person alive on the planet.

How you loved when we went biking and hiking, or roller blading at midnight when we all lived in Kingston. You loved to snuggle in bed with us and you always positioned yourself close by -- whichever room we were in -- you were there to protect us.

Even though you were part Border Collie - you were deathly afraid of sheep (but that is our little secret). You loved your neck massaged, your belly rubbed and you just loved being with us; it made you feel secure and loved.

We spent virtually every single day together from when you were a mere 8 weeks old. You were by far the cutest puppy, the best companion and most loving senior dog in the world.

A part of me died with you last year. I will always remember you and love you.

Say hello to Tiamo for us.

We miss you dear Angus. Life is not the same....

Monday, October 5, 2009

An Autumn Walk

We went for a walk in the forest to enjoy the fall colours. Lu loves walking Chelsea, so we let the two of them run along ahead of us - bounding down the trail, stopping occasionally to peer down a hole, or in a rotted tree stump, way up a tree and under dead fall. The walk was lovely, although a little damp -- but I think the dampness added to the intensity of the fall colours.

We collected leaves along the way; brilliant reds, intense golds, bright orange and various combinations of all. We also identified mushrooms and fungi, woodpecker holes, seedlings and possible faerie homes. Lu swears she saw a faery when she had bent down to take a closer look at some foliage... I am going to believe her... because you just never know!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Can't find @%!!@! Jeans to Fit the Kid!

What is it with kid's jeans? Shouldn't they all come with elastic waist-bands until .. hmmm.. I don't know -- puberty maybe - when girls start to get curves and jeans can stay in place.

It is frustrating because I love the look of cute, little appliqued jeans on cute, little tousle-haired girls. But I guess that won't be happening anytime soon because if pants don't fit Lu perfectly then she can't wear them; or as she says "they are too fitting.." (whatever that means!).

But in my quest to get Lu out of her usual wardrobe of frilly, pink princess dresses I thought I would buy some jeans. I have brought a couple of styles, brands and sizes home.. but they won't stay up on her tiny, lanky bod -- which causes her to stomp around, fists clenched around gaping waist-band, curly, blonde hair framing her intense blue eyes as she cries: "I want new pants!!!" But wait I say, let me get this ribbon and fashion you a belt... yet all the belt does is dig into her cute tummy and cause the waist-band to gape even further.

Ok.. I give up. Why should it be so difficult to find jeans for a 3 year old?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Summer is Over!

I am probably one of the few people who will admit this: but I am glad to see the end of summer. Goodbye - farewell -- good riddance!

Ok... I do enjoy the warm weather (not too warm though!), and the everlasting sunny days and all the fun things you can do in the summer, but I hate the bugs and humidity and the clothing more! I do... the mosquitos and other biting insects take over our out of doors for July and August, which means you have to drench yourself in bug spray to go outside - not fun with a three year old in tow! I also can't take the severe heat. Luckily we didn't have a lot of hot, hot days this summer... but there were a few smoldering and humid days that rendered me a sweaty, frizzy-haired, incapacitated, fried, overheated mess! It sucked and I am glad those dog days are gone!

Bring on autumn I say! I can wear jeans again, and my funky shoes and fun sweaters. I can get out hiking and admire the lovely fall colours. There is also something wonderful in the air -- the way it smells, the way it blows the leaves off the trees and the way it ushers one season into another -- just perfect!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The best part of country living....

.....it's the almost daily sighting of wonderful wildlife.

Here is a pic of the turkey family off the front porch. We have watched the little ones grow all summer -- quite amazing. We see them every morning and Lu loves it.. she counts the turkeys and laughs when they stretch their wings and is in awe when they zip for cover. But we want to keep them safe. It has been a long time since we have had wildlife stake home in the property - years ago we had a family of foxes... then for a few years we had many close encounters with skunks (I still have an emergency can of tomato juice in the cupboard), coyotes, deer, tons of raccoons... but by far the turkeys have been the most gentle and inspiring to watch. I hope they come back next year with a whole new pack of poults to raise!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Gone Sailing

Finally... summer is here. After a number of false starts this season.... the warmer weather has arrived and it looks like it is going to stay!
So because we have put up with rain and more rain and cooler temperatures.... our sailing season also got off to a slow start. We are now making up for lost time! After spending our vacation, afloat, in July... we have also spent pretty well every weekend on board. This weekend will be no different. But I had to promise the husband that I would not overpack as I usually do. But I think it is because he just doesn't get it.

When the husband boards our sailboat.. he goes from a suit wearing guy to a crusty old, sea worn sailor.... he keeps some clothes on board -- which really need to be washed .. and those are the clothes he will wear all weekend. Fashion be damned! Men are lucky I say!!

Meanwhile... if I go to the beach with Lu.. I need the bathing suit (eww) and a cover up to walk over with; I need an evening outfit in case we decide to go for dinner one night; I need some cooler clothes because it does get a little chilly on the lake once the sun goes down; I need my pjs, I need my 'walk-to-the-farmers-market-for-coffee" outfit; I need some actual under sail outfits; and maybe an extra outfit... just in case!

Ok.. I know that sounds like a lot for one weekend... but I would rather be well prepared for anything and anyone (who knows who we may run into -- or invite aboard for drinks). So I have to be prepared. Or else I could just borrow those crusty shorts that the husband has stored under the v-berth .. or then again.. maybe not and I'll take the wrath of being overpacked once again!

Happy Sailing....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Barefoot Days

I love going barefoot. It is the greatest feeling in the world. I would forgo shoes forever if I could(I know.. GASP!)... but alas, I do need to go into town sometimes and to some pretty well-worn spots that do require shoes and a good scrub and sanitization afterward!

But being at home... wandering the back field with Lu, in search of raspberries and the occasional ant hill (endless entertainment)... I've gotta be barefoot. You feel so free and strong without having to wear shoes and I can walk and walk and walk without a misstep or mishap! Sure I run the risk of stepping in some form of animal poo, or a stinging insect or something far worse... but I have yet to come across anything I couldn't handle. I am knocking on wood right now to ensure fate doesn't change my plans during my barefoot walk tomorrow.

But for now, I am shoeless and enjoying the freedom.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I've lost my running mojo

Please help me get my running mojo back...
I used to love running. I was never the best, or most adept, or fastest or most eager.... but I enjoyed the freedom and the exercise and how it cleared my mind after a busy day.
I loved listening to my footfalls on the compact earth of the forest floor and how I was so utterly alone in my little world, except for my two constant companions - Angus and Chelsea. We would scare a lone white tailed deer at the cross roads, or happen upon a mother fox with kits in tow, or marvel at the sunshine dappling through the majestic trees - there was always something new and wonderful to breathe in.

After the birth of Lu -- it took me awhile to get back into running. I bought a mid-size jogging stroller and counted the weeks until Lu was big enough to ride the rough terrain. The husband and I started out early spring of Lu's first year... and it was a struggle for me... with an extra 30 plus pounds still nagging at my once fit frame. Now mind you.. it was a nice outing -- to be out again and with the whole family. But after 10 mins.. I was done. That was it. It was no longer fun. I persevered for the remainder of the month and the joy quickly vanished. I had better things to do with my life!

By year two of Lu's life I had rejoined the gym and still had no intentions of dusting off my trail runners. So there they sat for another 6 months until I have now forced myself to remember the beauty and inspiration that running lent me.

I have had a number of false starts this year. I'll feel good and go for a run... and then something always comes up and the week is gone and I figure.. what's the use of running once?? Then another month would pass and I would hit the trail again, only to be disappointed with my pathetic progress. So I quit.

But finally, earlier this week, I went for a run and it was great. I wasn't staring at my watch, willing it to move forward as quickly as possible, I wasn't finding an excuse to stop. I just ran. And it felt great. I hope my running mojo is back... because it is a heck of a lot cheaper than joining the gym!

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Wedding

My Cousin got hitched on the weekend. It was such a lovely setting.. the backdrop was a historic red barn, surrounded by endless fields of corn, wheat, clover and fruit trees. The intimate ceremony took place at the water's edge.
Lu was the flower girl. A cute little boy in a kilt two-sizes too big was the ring bearer.

Ok.. one down -- three more summer weddings to go!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Are we going to sort things out?

So after a very tense week... and with the husband gone for a couple of times -- we have finally waved white flags at each other over e-mail. Not the best way... but it had to be done.

He is home tonight. We both need to discuss all this crap that has been going on between us. Not fun. Not looking forward to it. But I guess it must be done.

I want to air some grievances... but also don't want to bring up anything that will cause a wider gap between us. Oh what to do. I am kind of going to wing it when the time comes. I have some key points I wish to discuss. We shall see. But we definitely need to clear the air.

On a happier note.. here are just a few very funny and may I say, sophisticated things that little Lu has said recently:

The other day she put her hand in my mouth.. so I gently bit down on it (very gently -- not hard) and she said... "Ouch mommy.. I'm not a cracker...!!"

Today after lunch she just said... mommy can I look at your watch for a second... so I said.. sure.... she looks at it and says "Oh.. it's chocolate time!!!"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back from vacation

We are back from vacation. Had a lovely time. Although am now getting the silent treatment from hubby -- don't know why... other than I made a comment about his snoring... which keeps me awake... and the fact that he wakes so early and stomps around in the morning.. which wakes myself and Lu up well before we are ready....

I am happy to wake up by 6:30 -- 7am is perfect.. but 6:30 I can do. Anything earlier and I am a mess... as is Lu. So is it so unreasonable to scoff at Mr. Morning Heavyfoot?

So much for happy holiday memories!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Day Just For Me!

First off ... Happy Canada Day!

ok... I have had a really great day today. The Husband and Lu left yesterday for the start of our vacation. I am joining up with them tomorrow as I had some things to finish today... so I have had 24 hours of JUST ME!!!!!!!!

It has been 3 years since I have been JUST ME!!!!! Can you tell how excited I am about being JUST ME!!!

You forget the importance of mom time ... It has been such a long time since I have had a chance to recharge my batteries -- and so long overdue... this has been great.

So today...for my freedom 24 hours... I channeled my cat! Because cats know best how to lounge, linger and luxuriate!

Here is how the day unfolded:

7am wake up -- ON MY OWN (i.e. not woken up out of bed by shrieking, cries, screams.... stomping of husband, barfing cat, etc.)

7:30 check e-mail to catch up with husband and daughter

8 - empty dishwasher, let dog and cat out. Make raspberry smoothie

8:30 - back to bed with smoothie in hand and a magazine I have been dying to read

10am -- get dressed and outside to water plants, wander aimlessly around property, throw frisbee for the dog

11am -- start to clean the house -- in an orderly and not rushed manner. I even had a chance to treat the leather furniture and dust!!

12:30 - lunch

1 - nap

2 - walk the dog, sit under a tree and not do anything at all

4 - back to cleaning the house and pack for vacation

6 - dinner and update blog. Pretty well all my "chores" are done for the day. I now have the evening to continue my relaxation. Perhaps I'll take a bath. Or start my vacation book on the porch. Or watch cheesy videos on YouTube. Or maybe watch something decadent on TV!

The possibilities are endless

Monday, June 29, 2009

some random thoughts!

  • We have been so lucky with wildlife sightings of late.... we have a regular appearance from a wild turkey family and her cute, cute little chicks. We wake up in the morning and look over the headboard of the bed, out the window and into the back field... and there they are. Lu thinks it is hilarious!
  • Speaking of wildlife, we also have a Robin family nesting on the front porch. I can watch the nest directly from the kitchen... so wonderful!
  • Lu and I were out the other day to pick some flowers for our house. The wildflowers are so amazing and diverse.. what a beautiful bouquet we were able to put together!
  • I should be outside cutting the lawn... but I should also be inside catching up on work.. and here I am writing random thoughts on my blog!
  • Our porch has been the best place to find refuge from the heat wave last week. It has been so humid and scorchingly hot... but nothing beats a popsicle on the porch -- there is a lovely breeze that blows across the porch and keeps the bugs away and our body temps down -- lovely!
  • Most important Random Thought -- Happy Canada Day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am trying to find enough information and courage to go ahead with my "mom wear" clothing line. I have been researching this and obsessing over this idea for about 6 months now. I feel that if I don't move on it by now.... it will forever be lost.

Perhaps that is why I am writing this down. Once it is on "paper" and out in the open.. I can't really back down, can I?

So basically as far as I can see how this will begin: I need to get some ideas/sketches down on paper and do some further market research; I need to write a business plan, decide on a name and marketing strategy; I also need to find a supplier.. or maybe even a seamstress -- this is the part I am struggling with.... do I find someone to create my clothing template as examples.. or do I utilize a clothing manufacturer who can deliver the product in less time?

So many questions. And I wish I knew someone I could go to for answers?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Still Sick and I'm sick of all the sickness!

So dear, poor Lu's sweaty little head is resting on my pillow, snuggled under the deep, down duvet, resting her sick little body. Her nap has lasted over 3 hours... poor kid is definitely not getting better. This is week two of the dreaded cold... and I am only on week 1! I do not see an end to this anytime soon?

Where do our little ones pick up colds and viruses? Ok.. obvious question... but is it the parents who send their kids to school no matter how ill.... and these kids then spread disease and pestilence on to other unsuspecting kids and their parents? Why does this happen? Does it need to happen? I suppose since the beginning of daycare and preschool... sick kids have been sent to infect others -- kind of like a modern day small pox on the Hudson Bay blanket kind of scenario!

Some say these colds will make them stronger, will build their immune systems. Well, screw that old wives tale... because I feel like crap and I know my poor boogery-nose filled, coughing all night daughter does not feel that great either. And who gets sick in June anyway?

Ok... I hear sick child stirring in the other room... must run... probably will have to change the sheets from her sweaty little body!
I am going to OD on Vitamin C in the hopes of getting over this cold as soon as possible. Maybe then I'll have the energy to hunt down the parents who sent their delightful and oh-so-ill child to Lu's preschool, draped in his/her small pox ridden Hudson Bay blanket to spread this disease to the unsuspecting.... the young.... and the working mom who is now even further behind in work.....

Friday, June 12, 2009

Why am I sick AGAIN???

I figured by June, that the cold and flu season would be gone... but I guess I was wrong! Lulu has been sick for a week... coughing, sore throat, the usual culprits! But a week has passed... and I was taking ColdFx and Echinacea......but to no avail... I am sick.. oh so sick.. I wish I could just remove my head!

Luckily Lu is well enough to get back to preschool and I ended up back in bed mid morning.... but ohhh I am so achy and lethargic. I feel like our cat. And of course, he was snuggled up with me as I took to my sick bed, which makes it REALLY difficult to get out of bed and do some work before I have to go for pick up at preschool... 

I guess I will go and raid the medicine cabinet and take as much stuff as I can legally muster! Maybe this is the worst day.... and I will feel better by tomorrow? Could that be possible? Only time will tell.

I guess I shall get back to work... maybe will make myself some tea with honey. I wonder if preschool will worry when I pick up Lu in my pajamas?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Birthday Party!

Yeah, Lu has turned three!!!! Albeit with a runny nose, all night cough and a low grade fever!!! What fun! So we didn't have much choice except to stay home and cuddle up to read books and take it easy! Poor kid - luckily she didn't really get that it was her birthday... but it was sad... I felt like we had cheated her out of a party!

And she is still sick... And my father in law is here for a visit. And I have been tending sick child so am behind in work... and some idiot smashed the back door of my car and dear husband doesn't want to spend the money to get it fixed... as we need to get some things repaired on the boat first.. and our house needs a new roof. Man.. life sucks sometimes!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

a birthday

We took lulu to a birthday party this weekend... our neighbour's granddaughter was visiting and we all helped celebrate her 2nd birthday!

There was lu in all her glory, running across the back field, with the other kids in pursuit... it was too much fun. Daddy also took some of the kids for a ride on the neighbour's souped up lawn tractor and trailer. Then the rain came and we all ran inside for cupcakes and balloons. 

It was such a nice and innocent birthday party... no party planners and entertainers and expensive loot bags. Just a group of kids having fun because they were out in the open, under a blue sky with endless acreage to run around.

I have never been a big fan of elaborate birthday parties, especially for adults... it just seems so egotistical and self-serving! And I never got the concept of outdoing each other on the kiddie birthday party front -- that just seems downright exploitive!   I remember all the fun we had as kids, going to a friend's birthday party and having innocent, and inexpensive fun. What has happened that has made parents go mad with the party planning -- are they making up for some short coming as parents? Whatever it is.. it has gotten out of control.

That is why we have chosen to take lu to the zoo on her 3rd birthday -- coming soon. Just a few close relatives, and a picnic lunch... and that is it. The fun will be in the form of spending the day with grandma and grandpa and mom and dad. I have a few small gifts, but nothing lavish and it certainly is not because I love my daughter any less, it is just that I have nothing to prove and I want to instill a sense of simplicity in my daughter to hopefully help her cope in this madding world!

Friday, May 29, 2009

I am going to BLOG

I am finally starting a blog! How exciting. Kinda last on the bandwagon. But I always say better late than never!

So here I am ... and who am I exactly? A transplanted city girl with rural aesthetics now living in a lovely country home with lotsa acreage, my loving husband (Who I will call the Bman), our almost three year old daughter (who I will refer to as lulu), our recently-shaved-for-the-summer cat -- Puddy (as in Puddy cat!) and our Australian cattle dog - Chelsea!

I wanted to start this blog because I feel, in my humble opinion, that moms living in the country have unique challenges than our city moms. Some of these challenges are better than being in the city (i.e: walking the dog in your pajamas, skiing from the back porch, seeing all the stars at night, listening to the peepers before bed, knowing all your neighbours, watching the local farmer walk his draft horses from one field to the next, walking forever and never crossing your path, access to an endless supply of greenery for decorating the porch and wildflowers for the kitchen... and the list goes on and on...), and some of these challenges are ... well.. more challenging (i.e: you can feel isolated, you have to drive everywhere, you know all your neighbours, etc.).

So here is my blog.... and I hope to address the challenges which are inherent to living, working and enjoying country life.