Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I've lost my running mojo

Please help me get my running mojo back...
I used to love running. I was never the best, or most adept, or fastest or most eager.... but I enjoyed the freedom and the exercise and how it cleared my mind after a busy day.
I loved listening to my footfalls on the compact earth of the forest floor and how I was so utterly alone in my little world, except for my two constant companions - Angus and Chelsea. We would scare a lone white tailed deer at the cross roads, or happen upon a mother fox with kits in tow, or marvel at the sunshine dappling through the majestic trees - there was always something new and wonderful to breathe in.

After the birth of Lu -- it took me awhile to get back into running. I bought a mid-size jogging stroller and counted the weeks until Lu was big enough to ride the rough terrain. The husband and I started out early spring of Lu's first year... and it was a struggle for me... with an extra 30 plus pounds still nagging at my once fit frame. Now mind you.. it was a nice outing -- to be out again and with the whole family. But after 10 mins.. I was done. That was it. It was no longer fun. I persevered for the remainder of the month and the joy quickly vanished. I had better things to do with my life!

By year two of Lu's life I had rejoined the gym and still had no intentions of dusting off my trail runners. So there they sat for another 6 months until I have now forced myself to remember the beauty and inspiration that running lent me.

I have had a number of false starts this year. I'll feel good and go for a run... and then something always comes up and the week is gone and I figure.. what's the use of running once?? Then another month would pass and I would hit the trail again, only to be disappointed with my pathetic progress. So I quit.

But finally, earlier this week, I went for a run and it was great. I wasn't staring at my watch, willing it to move forward as quickly as possible, I wasn't finding an excuse to stop. I just ran. And it felt great. I hope my running mojo is back... because it is a heck of a lot cheaper than joining the gym!

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Wedding

My Cousin got hitched on the weekend. It was such a lovely setting.. the backdrop was a historic red barn, surrounded by endless fields of corn, wheat, clover and fruit trees. The intimate ceremony took place at the water's edge.
Lu was the flower girl. A cute little boy in a kilt two-sizes too big was the ring bearer.

Ok.. one down -- three more summer weddings to go!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Are we going to sort things out?

So after a very tense week... and with the husband gone for a couple of times -- we have finally waved white flags at each other over e-mail. Not the best way... but it had to be done.

He is home tonight. We both need to discuss all this crap that has been going on between us. Not fun. Not looking forward to it. But I guess it must be done.

I want to air some grievances... but also don't want to bring up anything that will cause a wider gap between us. Oh what to do. I am kind of going to wing it when the time comes. I have some key points I wish to discuss. We shall see. But we definitely need to clear the air.

On a happier note.. here are just a few very funny and may I say, sophisticated things that little Lu has said recently:

The other day she put her hand in my mouth.. so I gently bit down on it (very gently -- not hard) and she said... "Ouch mommy.. I'm not a cracker...!!"

Today after lunch she just said... mommy can I look at your watch for a second... so I said.. sure.... she looks at it and says "Oh.. it's chocolate time!!!"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back from vacation

We are back from vacation. Had a lovely time. Although am now getting the silent treatment from hubby -- don't know why... other than I made a comment about his snoring... which keeps me awake... and the fact that he wakes so early and stomps around in the morning.. which wakes myself and Lu up well before we are ready....

I am happy to wake up by 6:30 -- 7am is perfect.. but 6:30 I can do. Anything earlier and I am a mess... as is Lu. So is it so unreasonable to scoff at Mr. Morning Heavyfoot?

So much for happy holiday memories!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Day Just For Me!

First off ... Happy Canada Day!

ok... I have had a really great day today. The Husband and Lu left yesterday for the start of our vacation. I am joining up with them tomorrow as I had some things to finish today... so I have had 24 hours of JUST ME!!!!!!!!

It has been 3 years since I have been JUST ME!!!!! Can you tell how excited I am about being JUST ME!!!

You forget the importance of mom time ... It has been such a long time since I have had a chance to recharge my batteries -- and so long overdue... this has been great.

So today...for my freedom 24 hours... I channeled my cat! Because cats know best how to lounge, linger and luxuriate!

Here is how the day unfolded:

7am wake up -- ON MY OWN (i.e. not woken up out of bed by shrieking, cries, screams.... stomping of husband, barfing cat, etc.)

7:30 check e-mail to catch up with husband and daughter

8 - empty dishwasher, let dog and cat out. Make raspberry smoothie

8:30 - back to bed with smoothie in hand and a magazine I have been dying to read

10am -- get dressed and outside to water plants, wander aimlessly around property, throw frisbee for the dog

11am -- start to clean the house -- in an orderly and not rushed manner. I even had a chance to treat the leather furniture and dust!!

12:30 - lunch

1 - nap

2 - walk the dog, sit under a tree and not do anything at all

4 - back to cleaning the house and pack for vacation

6 - dinner and update blog. Pretty well all my "chores" are done for the day. I now have the evening to continue my relaxation. Perhaps I'll take a bath. Or start my vacation book on the porch. Or watch cheesy videos on YouTube. Or maybe watch something decadent on TV!

The possibilities are endless