Monday, August 23, 2010

First riding lesson

Lu has always loved ponies -- as most little girls do. But surprisingly up until recently, she has been intimidated by the "real" thing; even though she loves playing with her "my little ponies" and other various horse-like dolls... she just did not appreciate the grandeur of a real, live pony.

She's had plenty of access to ponies... at grandma's house, at our neighbour's place, at the farm across the road from grandma,.... and the list goes on and on. But it wasn't until my dear friend Sian offered a pony ride at the stable she frequents. I happened to have a free Saturday morning, so Lu and I donned our best rubber boots and headed to the stable.

We arrived a bit early and Annabel was immediately drawn to the small, black pony - 'Beauty' - who was being groomed and polished by two young girls. Then... the pink saddle pad arrived... Lu was smitten... not only was this tiny, gentle pony nibbling her hands... but... she had a pink saddle pad. That pink saddle pad made everything in life perfect... and at that moment.. life was perfect.. perfect for a smitten four year old girl, with long, blond curly hair, held back in a french braid; a Vancouver Olympic t-shirt and grey leggings tucked into flowery pink rubber boots and a toothy grin that stretched from ear to ear.

Unfortunately, Beauty was being used in a lesson. But, Lu got to ride Sino the Palomino... and she just loved every single moment of life on top of that round palomino. She even walked over a few poles on the ground (yeah. her first jump) and trotted, each side, down the length of one wall (yeah, her first dressage test).

Soon her ride was over... but the euphoria of that special "first" still lives on - two days later - as Lu proudly tells anyone within ear shot of her first horse ride!

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