Monday, November 29, 2010

December is almost here

With our first, light snowfall upon us... Lu keeps asking.. "is it Christmas already?"

It is difficult trying to explain to a four year old that Christmas is still many sleeps away! But she is excited, oh so excited and Christmas day this year will be pretty exciting.

Even though December first is right around the corner... I still have yet to start my christmas shopping. I hope to get away to Toronto's One of a Kind show tomorrow... but that is still up in the air. Last year I was able to get a huge bulk of my christmas shopping complete at the one of a kind show... but I am not sure if I'll be able to do the same this year (can't give everyone a similar gift to last year).

We did order presents for all the husband's clients, as well as finalizing ideas for Lu's ECE teachers at preschool and her Kindergarten teacher.

I still have to decorate the house and get the wreaths and swag outside... and start baking... and why oh why am I so behind this year.... December has just crept up on me without warning.

But it will get done -- well.... it has to get done!

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