Thursday, September 1, 2011

Random Thoughts

Some Random Thoughts: Why I love Living in the Country

A local dairy farmer, on a quiet, dusty side road near here leaves the gates open for the cattle to wander across the road in the morning to their main grazing pasture.... and then the cows make their own way across again later in the afternoon toward the barn.. in time for milking. So nice to see!

Peaceful... it is so very peaceful here this morning. All I can hear is a rooster crowing in the distance

My daughter loves catching frogs and we seem to have an endless supply and a dizzying array of species to choose from!

Our apple trees are full to bursting. Trying to keep up with picking before they all rot on the ground

Went for a run yesterday across the back fields and the sun had turned the recently harvested wheat to a lovely golden shade. Love it!

My neighbour left something for me to pick up.. she just called to say she has left the door open and I can go over anytime

I love star gazing

Playing croquet in our big back field

I love the smell of freshly cut hay

Our dog Chelsea is outside without being tied up, fenced in or shocked by an invisible fence

I cut my lawn and field with a big green John Deer Tractor

I walked the dog this morning in my pajamas

I always hang my laundry on the line outside and love to hear the crisp sheets flapping in the wind. Nothing smells as good as line dried sheets!

The cats are free to come and go as they please

Sitting on the porch at night as a cool breeze freshens the air and our conversation floats across the meadows

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