Friday, May 29, 2009

I am going to BLOG

I am finally starting a blog! How exciting. Kinda last on the bandwagon. But I always say better late than never!

So here I am ... and who am I exactly? A transplanted city girl with rural aesthetics now living in a lovely country home with lotsa acreage, my loving husband (Who I will call the Bman), our almost three year old daughter (who I will refer to as lulu), our recently-shaved-for-the-summer cat -- Puddy (as in Puddy cat!) and our Australian cattle dog - Chelsea!

I wanted to start this blog because I feel, in my humble opinion, that moms living in the country have unique challenges than our city moms. Some of these challenges are better than being in the city (i.e: walking the dog in your pajamas, skiing from the back porch, seeing all the stars at night, listening to the peepers before bed, knowing all your neighbours, watching the local farmer walk his draft horses from one field to the next, walking forever and never crossing your path, access to an endless supply of greenery for decorating the porch and wildflowers for the kitchen... and the list goes on and on...), and some of these challenges are ... well.. more challenging (i.e: you can feel isolated, you have to drive everywhere, you know all your neighbours, etc.).

So here is my blog.... and I hope to address the challenges which are inherent to living, working and enjoying country life.

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