Monday, June 1, 2009

a birthday

We took lulu to a birthday party this weekend... our neighbour's granddaughter was visiting and we all helped celebrate her 2nd birthday!

There was lu in all her glory, running across the back field, with the other kids in pursuit... it was too much fun. Daddy also took some of the kids for a ride on the neighbour's souped up lawn tractor and trailer. Then the rain came and we all ran inside for cupcakes and balloons. 

It was such a nice and innocent birthday party... no party planners and entertainers and expensive loot bags. Just a group of kids having fun because they were out in the open, under a blue sky with endless acreage to run around.

I have never been a big fan of elaborate birthday parties, especially for adults... it just seems so egotistical and self-serving! And I never got the concept of outdoing each other on the kiddie birthday party front -- that just seems downright exploitive!   I remember all the fun we had as kids, going to a friend's birthday party and having innocent, and inexpensive fun. What has happened that has made parents go mad with the party planning -- are they making up for some short coming as parents? Whatever it is.. it has gotten out of control.

That is why we have chosen to take lu to the zoo on her 3rd birthday -- coming soon. Just a few close relatives, and a picnic lunch... and that is it. The fun will be in the form of spending the day with grandma and grandpa and mom and dad. I have a few small gifts, but nothing lavish and it certainly is not because I love my daughter any less, it is just that I have nothing to prove and I want to instill a sense of simplicity in my daughter to hopefully help her cope in this madding world!

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