Friday, August 14, 2009

Gone Sailing

Finally... summer is here. After a number of false starts this season.... the warmer weather has arrived and it looks like it is going to stay!
So because we have put up with rain and more rain and cooler temperatures.... our sailing season also got off to a slow start. We are now making up for lost time! After spending our vacation, afloat, in July... we have also spent pretty well every weekend on board. This weekend will be no different. But I had to promise the husband that I would not overpack as I usually do. But I think it is because he just doesn't get it.

When the husband boards our sailboat.. he goes from a suit wearing guy to a crusty old, sea worn sailor.... he keeps some clothes on board -- which really need to be washed .. and those are the clothes he will wear all weekend. Fashion be damned! Men are lucky I say!!

Meanwhile... if I go to the beach with Lu.. I need the bathing suit (eww) and a cover up to walk over with; I need an evening outfit in case we decide to go for dinner one night; I need some cooler clothes because it does get a little chilly on the lake once the sun goes down; I need my pjs, I need my 'walk-to-the-farmers-market-for-coffee" outfit; I need some actual under sail outfits; and maybe an extra outfit... just in case!

Ok.. I know that sounds like a lot for one weekend... but I would rather be well prepared for anything and anyone (who knows who we may run into -- or invite aboard for drinks). So I have to be prepared. Or else I could just borrow those crusty shorts that the husband has stored under the v-berth .. or then again.. maybe not and I'll take the wrath of being overpacked once again!

Happy Sailing....

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