Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Perfect Fall Day

It is already the second week of November and the weather is still incredible; warm, sunny and beautiful!
I wish it could just stay this way... but alas... one of these days winter will arrive with all its cold, bitter, snowy attributes!

Today I took a little break from work -- I have been busy for months and haven't had much of a breather so I quite happily accomplished a little bit of filing this morning and then took to the out of doors. Chelsea and I went for a walk (Lu is at preschool today) and we cut down some dog wood for festive exterior decorating. I love the look of dog wood and cedar mixed together in outdoor urns -- just lovely! Next on the agenda - I actually washed some of the windows on the outside -- too many to complete in one day... but I was able to clean off some summer grime on a number of windows... finally.

I will be leaving shortly to pick up Lu from school... then we are heading right to the gym. I am trying to stay on track with my fitness plan and unfortunately that means that this week poor Lu gets dragged to the gym with me. But she does enjoy going. There are lots of crafts to do in the play centre, so I know she has a good time. I just feel badly taking her in the evening because lately she has been coming home from preschool so exhausted. But I figure if we get there early... we can get home early. That is my plan at least.

Tomorrow Lu and I will attend a local Remembrance Day ceremony. I never miss a ceremony... I think it is too important to miss - lest we forget.

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