Friday, November 20, 2009

The Pursuit of a Good School

One of the downsides of living in the country is that you don't have access to all the great schools. Well.. we do.. we just have to drive and drive and drive. We are doing that right now though with Lu's preschool... she goes into town with daddy 3 x a week for preschool.. and I am on stand by to pick up/drop off when the husband isn't available. So far it has worked out pretty well.

But Lu starts Junior Kindergarten September 2010. I know.. wow... where has the time gone? But we are on a mad dash to get her into a school we feel will be best for her. Our local country school will do in a pinch... but not sure if we are 100% happy with Lu attending; mainly due to the potential school mates she would have -- not of the best gene selection! (I know that is awful, but is sometimes true when living in the country!). Now mind you, our local school is undergoing a new build. So starting in September 2010 there will be a brand new school -- which potentially means new opportunities, new teachers, new enthusiasm. But we aren't quite sure yet, although is still an honest back up.

What we would prefer is for Lu to either go to the school where she is presently attending preschool.. or to the only French Immersion school in the area. Again... we would be committed to a lot of driving...but considering this is Lu's education I guess it is a small sacrifice to make!

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