Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Winter has arrived with plummeting temperatures, wind, ice and a dusting of snow. But this is all good when you love winter activities.

Skiing rules our household: I love cross country skiing -- the serenity and empowerment of gliding across powder fresh snow, experiencing a quiet calm and being alone with my thoughts (all the while getting a great work out) has always inspired me to get out for a ski even when the wind is gusting across our back field with reckless abandon!

The husband and Lu prefer downhill skiing -- so this past weekend we headed out for the first ski of the season. The sun was out and the hill wasn't overly crowded and, most importantly, I had packed an amazing lunch. We got a couple of runs in before 'hot chocolate' time.. but poor Lu wiped out just as we were heading into the chalet to warm up by the fire. Luckily she just dusted herself off and didn't think much of her fall.. better luck next time!

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