Monday, February 8, 2010

The Cat Came Back...

Why is it that some people won't take responsibility for their pets? Whether they neglect them or abuse them or refuse to have animals under their care spayed or neutered? I just don't get it. And these same people who probably use the excuse that spaying or neutering is too expensive... well they are probably saying that as they sit in front of a giant screen tv and a 24 of beer. I just don't get it.

Then these same people figure if it's an animal.. it can survive in the wild. Why anyone would think that a domesticated animal could survive out of doors, in the cold winter without any survival skills is beyond me. So what do these people do? They spinelessly drive out to the country in the middle of the night and drop off their unwanted pets. Why can't they take them to the humane society... or find another home for them. What makes them think that dropping off a kitten or loyal dog in the middle of nowhere, late at night, when the temperatures are dropping below -25 celsius... that everything will be fine. Or I guess in probability these people just don't care. I'd love to catch someone - red-handed - doing this cowardly deed. I'm not sure what I'd do... but for sure I'd get a license plate number and call the police.. and then fantasize about beating the crap out of said cowards!!

So this is one "perk" of living in the country - the constant stream of unwanted animals clamoring to your door. Over the years we have rescued countless dogs, tons of cats, and even one time a poor, starving, young mother cat with her litter of equally starving and frightened kittens. Luckily we caught all cats and were able to get them safely to the humane society for warmth, food and I am hoping, a happy home!

Just this past November we came across a starving black kitten and decided to get him healthy and keep him. He is very cute and lovable and now looks the picture of health. Chippy is one of the lucky ones. Then, just this past weekend when the weather was so unbelievably cold, we found yet another black kitten. We brought her in for the night and fed her and gave her a safe place to sleep. All the while we frantically called neighbours and anyone we could think of - Hey.. do you want a cat?? Unfortunately most everyone's cat buckets were full. So all we could do was take her to the local Humane Society. The Humane Society graciously took her in and we hope, will be able to find her a home.... soon.

For now, I hope we will be free of any unwanted kittens, cats and dogs for the next little while. And I would love to see, one day soon, a society who takes better care of our animal friends. Is this too much to ask?

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  1. When I had a farm I always had cats showing up. I'd trap and spay anyone I could. When I knew I would be leaving I was frantically trying to find homes for my two remaining barn cats and they were totally wild. I can't imagine just leaving cats to fend for themselves.