Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I've lost my running mojo

Please help me get my running mojo back...
I used to love running. I was never the best, or most adept, or fastest or most eager.... but I enjoyed the freedom and the exercise and how it cleared my mind after a busy day.
I loved listening to my footfalls on the compact earth of the forest floor and how I was so utterly alone in my little world, except for my two constant companions - Angus and Chelsea. We would scare a lone white tailed deer at the cross roads, or happen upon a mother fox with kits in tow, or marvel at the sunshine dappling through the majestic trees - there was always something new and wonderful to breathe in.

After the birth of Lu -- it took me awhile to get back into running. I bought a mid-size jogging stroller and counted the weeks until Lu was big enough to ride the rough terrain. The husband and I started out early spring of Lu's first year... and it was a struggle for me... with an extra 30 plus pounds still nagging at my once fit frame. Now mind you.. it was a nice outing -- to be out again and with the whole family. But after 10 mins.. I was done. That was it. It was no longer fun. I persevered for the remainder of the month and the joy quickly vanished. I had better things to do with my life!

By year two of Lu's life I had rejoined the gym and still had no intentions of dusting off my trail runners. So there they sat for another 6 months until I have now forced myself to remember the beauty and inspiration that running lent me.

I have had a number of false starts this year. I'll feel good and go for a run... and then something always comes up and the week is gone and I figure.. what's the use of running once?? Then another month would pass and I would hit the trail again, only to be disappointed with my pathetic progress. So I quit.

But finally, earlier this week, I went for a run and it was great. I wasn't staring at my watch, willing it to move forward as quickly as possible, I wasn't finding an excuse to stop. I just ran. And it felt great. I hope my running mojo is back... because it is a heck of a lot cheaper than joining the gym!

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