Monday, January 18, 2010

sick and surgery

Just had surgery last week and I don't know what I was thinking. I figured I'd rest the day I got home and then I'd be good to go. Was I wrong!! It took what seemed to be forever to get over the anesthetic... I was dizzy for days and felt nauseous and was also just plain tired! It is amazing how surgery can just knock you off your feet.

But much to the husband's insistence.. I spent time in bed over the weekend with my leg elevated... and I slept too... probably too much... but I think I needed it... not only because I don't know when I had time off to just laze around... but I also felt the beginnings of a cold coming on (thanks to Lu who has had a horrific, rattly cough the past week). So I emailed people and read and just lazed about. Went for a couple of short walks just to keep things moving.. but other than that.. I think I needed to time to heal.

I feel a bit better today... still sore... but better!

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