Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's Bloody Fr-fr-fr-eezing!!!

Winter has arrived in all her freezing, windy, bone-chilling, frosty, breath-stopping, bitter glory!

Thus far this winter we have had it fairly easy with moderate temperatures, little snow and easy driving conditions. I knew.. deep down inside... I knew this winter was finally going to arrive... the real winter.. not the mamby-pamby winter we have been experiencing.

Today's the day... the temperature has steadily been dropping, the wind has been picking up its crescendo like a crazed, blustery, frozen omen and the sky resembles the steel grey hull of a giant, imposing, monstrous cargo ship. And life doesn't stop -- it can't... wood will still have to be chopped and brought around for the wood stove (which has been churning out warmth and ambiance all day)... I will definitely want to feed the birds on a day like today and will need to go out for a walk with the dog. But alas Lu is still sleeping soundly in the next room and I'll have to wait until she wakes up in her usual grumpy stupor. It is days like today that you crave the warmth of an early summer sun.. walking outdoors with sandals and maybe a light jacket to keep the breeze from making you feel slightly chilly.

But not today... today winter has arrived and it is bloody well fr-fr-fr-eezing!!

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