Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Still Sick and I'm sick of all the sickness!

So dear, poor Lu's sweaty little head is resting on my pillow, snuggled under the deep, down duvet, resting her sick little body. Her nap has lasted over 3 hours... poor kid is definitely not getting better. This is week two of the dreaded cold... and I am only on week 1! I do not see an end to this anytime soon?

Where do our little ones pick up colds and viruses? Ok.. obvious question... but is it the parents who send their kids to school no matter how ill.... and these kids then spread disease and pestilence on to other unsuspecting kids and their parents? Why does this happen? Does it need to happen? I suppose since the beginning of daycare and preschool... sick kids have been sent to infect others -- kind of like a modern day small pox on the Hudson Bay blanket kind of scenario!

Some say these colds will make them stronger, will build their immune systems. Well, screw that old wives tale... because I feel like crap and I know my poor boogery-nose filled, coughing all night daughter does not feel that great either. And who gets sick in June anyway?

Ok... I hear sick child stirring in the other room... must run... probably will have to change the sheets from her sweaty little body!
I am going to OD on Vitamin C in the hopes of getting over this cold as soon as possible. Maybe then I'll have the energy to hunt down the parents who sent their delightful and oh-so-ill child to Lu's preschool, draped in his/her small pox ridden Hudson Bay blanket to spread this disease to the unsuspecting.... the young.... and the working mom who is now even further behind in work.....

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