Monday, June 29, 2009

some random thoughts!

  • We have been so lucky with wildlife sightings of late.... we have a regular appearance from a wild turkey family and her cute, cute little chicks. We wake up in the morning and look over the headboard of the bed, out the window and into the back field... and there they are. Lu thinks it is hilarious!
  • Speaking of wildlife, we also have a Robin family nesting on the front porch. I can watch the nest directly from the kitchen... so wonderful!
  • Lu and I were out the other day to pick some flowers for our house. The wildflowers are so amazing and diverse.. what a beautiful bouquet we were able to put together!
  • I should be outside cutting the lawn... but I should also be inside catching up on work.. and here I am writing random thoughts on my blog!
  • Our porch has been the best place to find refuge from the heat wave last week. It has been so humid and scorchingly hot... but nothing beats a popsicle on the porch -- there is a lovely breeze that blows across the porch and keeps the bugs away and our body temps down -- lovely!
  • Most important Random Thought -- Happy Canada Day!

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