Friday, June 12, 2009

Why am I sick AGAIN???

I figured by June, that the cold and flu season would be gone... but I guess I was wrong! Lulu has been sick for a week... coughing, sore throat, the usual culprits! But a week has passed... and I was taking ColdFx and Echinacea......but to no avail... I am sick.. oh so sick.. I wish I could just remove my head!

Luckily Lu is well enough to get back to preschool and I ended up back in bed mid morning.... but ohhh I am so achy and lethargic. I feel like our cat. And of course, he was snuggled up with me as I took to my sick bed, which makes it REALLY difficult to get out of bed and do some work before I have to go for pick up at preschool... 

I guess I will go and raid the medicine cabinet and take as much stuff as I can legally muster! Maybe this is the worst day.... and I will feel better by tomorrow? Could that be possible? Only time will tell.

I guess I shall get back to work... maybe will make myself some tea with honey. I wonder if preschool will worry when I pick up Lu in my pajamas?

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